Perks Near You is dedicated to finding the best deals in our city and bringing them to the community.  

Daily Deals and Online Coupons Are Here To Stay!
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Perks Near You is Your local daily deals website, Look no further, we have all to the best city deals here.  Look no further, we have all the best city deals here.  If you do not see what you're looking for, make a suggestion, and our sales team will contact the company for a daily deal.  

Customer Service 
Whether it's a suggestion or a simple question, Customer Service is always ready to assist you anytime. 

Marketing, Advertising & Sales 
At Perks Near You, we know the importance of advertising.  You have to advertise your business to stay in business!  Many business owners do not set aside a marketing budget.   Perks Near You was set up to help with this oversight. Advertising on Perks Near You is a win-win solution for business owners.  Contact Us to be featured on Perks Near You.  

It is the department in charge of finding the best options for our deals. This team is responsible for that daily deals an enjoyable experience for members and affiliates.